In case if you want to make your own reactions gifs or etc, here is how i make them.

(of my own face, no movies or T.V shows, etc)


Before i was taking videos and making them and that was really really annoying to do so because i had to save the videos in frame by frame and that basically took forever trying to re-size it in Photoscape. So basically what i do now is i use for all my reaction face gifs.


What i do is i go to and i go to someone’s picture they uploaded from rather the people i follow or from the live stream.

This image is what you will see on the page, record your reaction and when it’s finish it will show a preview on the page. ( don’t worry it won’t automatically post it to their picture unless you hit submit.)

Once you do that, you’re basically done. Sometimes though the file will be too big for the upload limit for gifs on Tumblr so this is where Photoscape comes to play.


Photoscape is a free program you can get here

When your image is bigger for the upload limit, i use this to help downsize and speed the image up so it will upload.

When you open Photoscape, use the Animated GIF feature of the program.

Basically after saving the image you made with, drag the image into photoscape and it should look like this.

Afterwards to the right of the screen, adjust the image to make it smaller and change the speed.

When finished saving the image, it will tell you what the file size is and if its over 400kb, you should mess with the settings more till you get about 421kb.

Hope this is helpful to some, i know it isn’t fancy but this is how i make my reaction gifs.